Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Enjoy the Mild Weather While You Can

Today I am 190.6 pounds of rolling thunder.

And yes today I'd consider myself rolling thunder as I clicked off 7 miles around one of my usual neighborhood loops.

There's nothing better to me than a day when the temperature drops and the humidity thins after a summer of oppressive heat and moisture. With temperatures in the low 80s today was a welcome relief from the Dog Days of summer's hottest days.

There's a part of me that knows that summer isn't done with us yet, but we'll take these stolen days of mild temperatures and reduced humidity.

I also like this time of summer because my body has gotten back into some sort of running shape, and most days I can leave all my little walking jags behind. I might be the world's slowest human, but there is a certain measure of pride on the line when it comes to walking.

About twice a week I grab a pair of wrist weights and add them to my workout regimen. Now I know there are arguments on both sides of the issue of whether to carry weights when you run, but I suppose I'm old-school enough to enjoy the added burden that a couple of extra pounds can add instead of fearing what they might do to my running form.

If you ever want to try running with weights, it really doesn't take much weight at all. Just grab a couple of bottles of water and run with one (yes, filled) bottle in each hand. The first thing you'll notice is how quickly your arms and shoulders tire from carrying even the lightest weight. The morning after your first run with weights you'll be swearing at me for even suggesting that you try this sadistic act.

Trust me, you'll get over it, and you may even grow to enjoy the pain. OK, maybe you'll grow to tolerate the pain.

Pain or no pain, enjoy the mild days of summer. Soon enough we'll be putting on layers and running through the snow. It's hard to believe that it snowed in May this year, but indeed it did.

So, as always, if you see the world's slowest human out on the road, give me a wave.

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