Saturday, January 11, 2014

No Business Like Snow Business

Today I am 192.6 pounds of rolling thunder.

So if orange is indeed the new black, then to me snow is the new sand. Not that I have ever run any distance through sand, but I've been told it is great exercise and builds up your calves while reducing the pounding that your legs take.

Well, Mother Nature or Old Man Winter have provided us with a couple of good snowfalls already this year, so I figured why not just go with and run through the snow. Taking to the roads when it's snowy and icy out can be a little iffy and the drivers, especially at night when I have time to run, can be a bit chippy, and so it is that I have elected to run on snow-packed sidewalks.

Maybe it's just because I'm the world's slowest human and have come to running late in the game, but I find running through snow kind of fun and definitely challenging. And while sand and it's associated warmer weather might be preferable, a runner's got to do what a runner's got to do so why not just go with it and enjoy the ride?

I can definitely tell when I've spent most or part of my running session traveling through the snow. In a way it's like running with squishy lead boots strapped to your legs. I find it even more challenging when the sidewalks are impassible and I have to take to the snow-covered grass alongside the sidewalk.

Plus, it's just fun to do something different to break up the monotony of running on all-too-familiar streets. Slippery? Yes. Challenging? Definitely. But even if I have to cut short my run because of cold or dark conditions I find 45 minutes outside goes by immensely faster than pound out the minutes on my Nordic Trak or sitting on the seat of a stationary bike.

So what if your new running shoes get a little wet. Heck, you bought them to run in, right? They'll dry out. And if it's that big of a deal, dig out an old pair from the back of the closet. Just get out there and enjoy the run.

So here's the deal, if you see the world's slowest human out there slogging through the snow with big dumb grin on his face, give me a wave. Welcome to the joy ride.

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