Sunday, November 4, 2012

I don't love running ... I like it

Day whatever, it's Nov. 4 just two days until the elections if that's your preferred kind of race

Like most things, after about 30 days, you start to lose interest of complete track of something ongoing such as the number of days you've run or blogged in the past few months. I like to think of it not so much as sloth, but more as the introduction of serendipity back into something I do for fun and enjoyment.

Hence, it's day whatever of my running blog, and that suits me just fine.

Recently, I added a like to Facebook page that said, "I love running." Personally, I don't love running, I run. I like running, although from my blog you can tell I'm not very good at it.

But I like what running does for me. It keeps your heart and lungs healthy. It gives you something to chit-chat about at parties. It keeps your weight down. And most importantly it gives you that great feeling after you've run for an hour or so. 

Yes, I'm addicted to the runner's high. The euphoria of all those endorphins rushing around my body. The friendly aches you get in your muscles that remind you that you’re alive.
In all honesty, I probably just have a crush on running. This isn't love, it's more like dating. I go out and do it almost every day, but it doesn't consume my every waking moment.

And I'm not a running stalker. I don't lust over new running shoes or the latest gizmo from Garmin. I pretty much know where I'm running and I buy a new pair of shoes every year. I did give in to my desire to own a lung exerciser and that seems to be working out OK.

I have to say writing a blog about running keeps you honest. You feel the need to get out there and move in some form or another. Frankly, I've felt more guilt not writing about it for the past week or so than anytime I miss my daily run, job, walk or whatever.

So Daylight Saving Time kicked in this week, which means we're looking down the barrel of a long winter of treadmills and bundled up trips outside to run in the cold, snow and ice. Last year was so mild that the outdoor running window really never closed. Hopefully, we'll have the same good fortune this time around.

Remember, whether you run, walk or jog, just keep moving. I will always be the world's slowest human, and I'm there for you every step of the way.

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