Sunday, October 28, 2012

You ever wonder why ...?

Day 65, Oct. 28

Today I am 189.4 pounds of rolling thunder.

Sometimes I miss Andy Rooney. Not really Andy Rooney per se, just the thought of being able to be old, curmudgeonly and not care what people think about your bushy, bushy eyebrows.

Seems like the more you run, the more you think like old Andy. About the first thousand times you heard it, it was OK that he started most of his monologues with "you ever wonder ..." and then launch into why they sell batteries in packs of two but you really need three batteries to make most things work.

I had one of those 'do you ever wonder" moments last week, and I'm not sure any amount of running is going to solve it. Our house has several computers of ages varying from newborn to teenager. You ever wonder why it is that as soon as you go out of warranty on one of these modern marvels something inevitably goes kaput?

Take our touchscreen computer. It's great. Big screen. Easy to use. Decent price. Did I mention the Beats Audio speakers up and crapped out?

So I IM's my handy support person who for $200 a year is supposed to be able to repair anything. And for the most part, these guys do an OK job, unless of course I have to tell them how to repair something and then I start thinking I've been fleeced.

So the tech ran his diagnostics, loaded some drivers, rebooted and then decided it was a hardware problem and he couldn't be sure or fix it. Nice!

So I turned to the manufacturer. IM'd the help desk and talked to another person in India. He proceeded to try and sell me support service, which would not cover broken hardware since the warranty had expired.

Did you ever wonder who you could send the bill to when a company or organization wastes your time? Sort of like a cosmic desk where you can send billable hours. If there is such a place, I'm sure Andy is working at the counter with those bushy, bushy eyebrows.

So after taking a skip day last week, I got back out on the road trying to forget that my touchscreen would no longer have its awesome Beats Audio speakers. 8(

Anyway, the running has been good. I've gone from bundling up to running in shorts. I guess that's a sure sign of autumn in the Midwest.

Did you ever wonder why every day isn't clear and 70? I came across this last week in my Internet cruising and it might just be the answer. Race Motivation (and runner motto!): "If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done."

Nuff said. You know the drill. You see the world's slowest human, you know what to do.

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