Saturday, December 15, 2012

Be Sure To Hug Your Kids Today

Dec. 15, 2012

It really doesn't matter if you walk, jog, run or stroll today, the most important thing is to hug your kids.

The horrific shooting deaths at a Connecticut elementary school on Friday remind us all how fragile and fleeting life can be. Every day we take a collection of small actions and activities for granted, not realizing how quickly your life can be changed, or a loved one taken away.

Hug your kids today.

Every time one of these tragedies happens -- and they seem to be happening all too often these days -- someone is quick to move the conversation off the tragic events of the day and on to issues such as gun control or mental health.

I don't claim to have the answers. All I know is that people died in a senseless tragedy, and there will be time enough for finger pointing and ridicule down the road. Today we need to mourn the loss and help those that need comfort, protection and healing.

Hug your kids today.

Everybody always says something like this can never happen in their quiet corner of the world -- and then it does. Nearly every community is somehow defined by a tragedy that lives on beyond its usefulness in whispers and hushed tones.

Good people get shot. Diseases strike down hearty, healthy friends and relatives. Buses full of kids are involved in crashes. Tragedy defines us all.

Hug your kids today.

Sometimes we struggle to find logic in the illogical. While our rational mind tells us that a child is safer in the classroom than strapped in the backseat of a parent's car headed to school in the morning, we hear about these mass tragedies and wonder what if. What if someone had done something different that day?

Our desire to make everything safe and right overwhelms what science, statistics and logic tell us to be true. But today is not about logic, it's about comforting, mourning and healing.

Hug your kids today.

Regardless of where you live or where you're at in life, run, walk, jog or move about to embrace the day.

Most importantly, hug your kids today.

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