Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Hear It For A Snow Day!

Dec. 20, 2012

With only one day left of the world as we know it, this could be a make or break blog update.

Say something profound, and whatever or whoever comes next will remember you in legendary tones. Just plop something down in the blogosphere, and you end up just another Webizen swept up by the the fallout from the end of the Mayan calendar.

The great thing is it's a snow day.

So if you were all set to take those high school finals today, never mind. First, it's a snow day. Second, the world will be coming to an end. So you might as well while away the final few hours by playing some video games.

Me, I'm not setting foot outside. Baby, it's cold outside. And windy. And slick. And ... (insert your own excuse here). And who wants to risk killing themselves with so few hours left for the world.

I'm just glad someone at our house was brave enough to get up and put on their jammie pants and jacket and head out into the cold and wind and get those front steps shoveled off. You wouldn't want the mail man slipping and falling on the last day of the Earth as we know it.

My guess is the sun will break out soon and well be back in the running business before we know it. Besides, this is a good excuse to jump on the spin bike, watch some History channel, and get ready for a little work from home action.

Today's Runner's World quote of the day comes from
Peter Magill, 2010 USA Masters 5K champion  

"No one is born a perfect runner. And none of us will become one. But through incremental steps, we can become better runners. And that's the beauty of our sport: There are no shortcuts, nothing is given to us; we earn every mile, and we earn every result."

So if we're all still around on Friday, I'll hopefully be a better runner and blogger. Good luck all!

Peter Magill, 2010 USA Masters 5K champion

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