Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Take Advantage Of Bad Running Days

Dec. 19, 2012

I sense the cough and cold bug might be giving me back my body. Two nights in a row with no coma-inducing cough medicine and only a limited amount of coughing today.

So the road is out there calling my name. The breezy 30-degree weather is luring me inside to the spin bike. I'm even starting to rationalize the idea by thinking that I haven't cross-trained in at least three days.

Damn you Bob Schwartz.

Every time I start slipping a bit, and wanting to slack off, Runner's World sends me an inspirational quote that stops me in my tracks. Today's offering:

"Take advantage of bad running days and take advantage of good running days. Take advantage of running."

Bob Schwartz, Running Laughs blog

Yeah, Running Laughs boy, you got me. You had me at "Take advantage," Damn you Bob Schwartz.

Rather than run off the fiscal cliff of fitness, I'll probably find my cold weather stuff, lace 'em up and hit the road. The first 10 minutes are generally the worst as your body acclimates itself to the cold, and your internal motor heats up.

In addition to Bob guilt, I've got snow on my mind. For the first time this fall, there is snow in the forecast. Now I've lived in the Midwest long enough to know that just because the weather suits say it's going to snow 1-3 inches, don't start salting the driveway until you see those fluffy flakes start to fly.

But as a runner the forecast motivates me to get out there and run. So unless the rain starts falling, you'll see me out there running.

And remember, if the world's slowest human is out there enduring the cold, you've got no excuses. Just ask Bob.



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