Friday, October 5, 2012

Running In The Garden Of Good And Evil

Kitchen of Good and Evil

Day 57 -- Oct. 5, 2012

Today I'm 191.0 pounds of rolling thunder.

I'm 191 pounds of rolling thunder who isn't quite ready to step out into the cool, breezy 50-degree weather that blew in yesterday afternoon. 

I suppose this really means autumn has arrived. I ran in shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt yesterday, and by the end of the afternoon it was cool enough to consider starting the furnace for the year. It's always a short discussion when it's just you and you working from home. And after the hot, hot summer and $200 electric bills, a little bit of cold in the house maybe isn't such a bad thing after all.

Yesterday was a short-run day, so I strapped those 5-pound weights back on my ankles and took off on the mean streets of my neighborhood. My assault on the first hill went surprisingly easy considering what a struggle it had been the day before. Lugging those extra 10 pounds around didn't seem as much of a strain as the workout had been the day before on that hill.
That's not to say that it wasn't without difficulty. But lately I've found if I slow my pace to a level where I can keep my breathing steady, I can keep moving. Now when I say moving, it might be just a big above a walk, but it is moving at a quicker pace than walking, so I'll take it.

Yesterday was National Eat a Taco Day. Sorry if you missed it, and even if you did, it's never too late. In my other life as a social media freelancer, my client featured some really great recipes, including one for chicken nugget tacos. At the risk of seeming shameless, you'll find the recipes by clicking on the link above.

And if that's too shameless, then disregard this link for M&M cupcakes. 8-) I know you can't be tempted into something as shameful as a delicious cupcake after a stressful week of work.

Or maybe you're more the tailgating type. Vidalia onion rings and Sweet and Spicy Pork Kabobs could never influence your choices for good eats this weekend. Or could they?

So maybe it's just a little unfair to slip this shop talk into my running blog. But as you pound the miles knowing the kids will be home soon and the first words out of their mouths will be what's for dinner. You better have ideas.

So think of this as more of a public service than a hard sell. You can pretty much guess how a 5.5-mile slog went with ankle weights strapped to my legs. What you can't imagine is how good this dessert from the Kitchen of Good and Evil might be.

Cheers friends. And don't forget to wave at me when you see the world's slowest human out on the street.

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