Friday, October 26, 2012

Thanks, I'll Take A Mulligan

Day 64, Oct. 26, 2012

Today I am 190.0 pounds of rolling thunder.

You know the interesting thing about writing a blog is that it's akin to being a comedian. The folks that live in your house are never quite sure what will or won't end up in print on the InterWebs. Or just blabbed about it on Twitter. Or posted it to Facebook.

SME XC Slideshow

Everything is grist for the blogging mill. Unfortunately, most of the goofy and off the wall stuff happens to me and not my family and friends. Or maybe I'm just witness to most of the tidbits that no one else cares about. Hey, I'm the guy who laughs at his own lame jokes.

Don't you hate it when the things you've "got" to do get in the way of the things you "want" to do? Or even worse, when something you want to do trumps other things you want to do.

That's a roundabout way of saying I haven't updating in a week because life has gotten in the way of life. Fortunately, life has only gotten in the way of running one day this week.

Not even a sore back has kept on the sideline (thank you very much Naproxen) this week. About once a year I twist, turn or pick up a small laundry item, and my lower back reminds me how painful breathing can be let alone sitting, standing and carrying on with life.

Sore back aside, this has been a bit of a renaissance week for me. In addition to running, I've spent time blogging, editing college essays, mowing lawns, wrestling with computer support, gardening, filling in a garden pond, battling the DMV, painting porches, attending meetings, writing and rewriting television scripts, updating social media sites, shooting senior pictures, prepping pictures in PhotoShop, building a music and picture slideshow and, oh yeah, applying for jobs and actually going on a job interview.

It's kind of amazing to think how busy you can make yourself seem when life gets in the way of fun. Or how busy you feel when fun gets in the way of fun.

After a day off from running, today's run was great. The weather was crisp, but my legs were fresh and my lungs were strong. My normal 6.5-mile loop clicked off with only stops for a few lights. Otherwise, I made the entire loop without a walk.

I considered today a mulligan for playing hooky yesterday. My plate was full of things I wanted to do. I built an online sweepstakes for a client. I messed with prepping picture for my slideshow, and eventually loaded sound and images into the program. And finally, I spent a few hours prepping for my job interview.

So today was a good do-over. I got some real work done; some fun work and I got to run.

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