Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just Call Me a Winter Weather Wimp

Jan. 30, 2013

Today I am 194.4 pounds of rolling thunder -- although given certain dramatic climate changes I'd say it will be more like spinning-in-the-basement thunder.

Was it just two days ago when I shed my shirt and went from man to manatee (think great big, slow-moving white mammal) in just one run on a 70-plus degree day? 

Not so much today. Bitter cold and blowing snow have replaced that little glimpse of mid-winter paradise. Just a splash of fool's gold in the midst of another bleak Midwestern winter.

Now I'm a recovering cold-weather wimp, so I was impressed that I forced myself out of the comfort of my snuggly house on Tuesday and went for a run in a 40-degree rain. It's probably one of the 12 steps in my recovery, but I've started and stopped so many times I've lost track. It's just good to know that I recognize that there is a problem.

I love running in the rain. There's something about it that changes the experience. Even familiar running routes seem different in the rain. They sound different with the cool rain pelting your glasses and soaking your toes. They look different under the gray skies and the hope that the next row of trees will get you out from under the drizzle, if only momentarily.

Rain, even cold rain, makes the experience worthwhile.

Even better is a good run on a warm, rainy day -- but only without lightning and thunder. I'm brave, but not stupid.

Maybe it's the kid inside of me, but I like that feeling of getting soaked by the rain on a hot day. It cools you down while the running heats you up. It's kind of a nice blend between the best of the two.

But this won't be the case today. A little bit of snow and blustery winds that have the wind-chill in the single digits, so I'm wimping out and staying inside.

And if my in-box is any indication, I might be lucky to get that spin in.

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