Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Heck With Inauguration, Wednesday Is Pie Day!

Jan. 20, 2013

Today I am 192.6 pounds of rolling thunder.

The last two days have been gorgeous by winter standards with highs in the 50s and skies filled with sun, and most important I was able to get out and walk. The back is still balky -- thanks for asking -- so running was limited but walking was king.

This was birthday week at our house -- one a milestone and the other the celebration of another trip around the sun. Our oldest turned 18 on Wednesday and we celebrated with the normal cake, ice cream and presents.
Happy Birthday
This all got me to thinking what other holidays were this week that I didn't even know were going on. Tuesday, of course, was National Hat Day. Sorry if you missed that one.

Wednesday was birthday 18 at our house, which in and of itself deserved national holiday status. It was also Hot and Spicy Food International Day. Yes! Sorry we missed out on that one. 

It was also National Nothing Day. I wonder if it's a celebration of nothingness, or if you just do nothing? Hmmmm? Seems like a sad coincidence for somebody's 18th birthday. Hopefully everybody got out and hit the streets for a good run, walk or bike.

Oh bother, Friday was Winnie the Pooh Day. And me without a jar of honey.


On to Saturday, which was National Popcorn Day. It was also Robert E. Lee's Birthday, which by the way, is a state holiday in Florida. It was also Confederate Memorial Day in Texas, because as they say in the South, Memorial Day is a Yankee holiday.

And now on to our second family birthday. My mother was always fond of calling her birthday the anniversary of her 29th birthday. I'm not sure my wife and I are at that level yet or not. Personally, I'm measure birthdays on the Oh-Crap, More Gray Hair scale.

In addition to our birthday celebration, we'll be honoring National Buttercrunch Day today. I can't wait for the parade, could be a sticky mess.
Monday is Martin Luther King Day, National Hugging Day and in some other states it's also Robert E. Lee's Birthday. Odds are if the former and the latter ever met, hugging might not be in the offering. But it's also Civil Rights Day in Arizona and New Hampshire, so one can hope.

But the biggest day of the upcoming week has to be Tuesday. Mark your calendars, although National Pie Day on Wednesday will be tough to beat. Tuesday kicks off with National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day. That's right, it's the day cats can talk (and pigs can fly)

But to top off the festivities, it's National Blonde Brownie Day. I'm all in on that one.

Have fun this week. Get out there and move. Remember, we've got blonde brownies and pie to work off this week. And who in the heck knows what question your cat will ask.

Be safe. Wave at the world's slowest human as you streak by.

Better Than Sex Cake!


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