Thursday, January 24, 2013

197 pounds! Elfkins be damned!

Jan. 24, 2013

Good grief, did I swallow a whale in my sleep or what?

Today I am 197.2 pounds of rolling blubber. 

The scale gremlins have been at it once again. I must be retaining water.

OK, busted! Late-night cookie binging has caught up with me. But darn if those Elfkins weren't 99 cents a bag the other day, so I bought three. Now, those curious little guys from the hollow tree with their elfin magic haunt me.

This week that weight curve has been on an upswing, but normally I don't worry too much about a few pound swings either way. Much of it is due to eating, exercise intensity and the time of day I work out. And of course the scale gremlins.

Yesterday was a good one to hit the streets. It wasn't bitter cold, and the sun was shining. My time was a bit limited (OK, that's where the weight gain came from -- sorry Elfkins), so I cut my time down to 45 minutes of running/walking but I made sure to hit a couple of good hills.

I also worked out in the morning, which is a change of pace for me. I seem to do better with midday or late afternoon workouts. That could also contribute to the scales going up this morning.

E.L. Fudge: Uncommonly Good
My back is feeling better and better, so now it's a matter of getting my lungs back in agreement with the rest of my body. By the end of the fall I was doing 5- and 6-mile loops without stopping. But this back thing has thrown me off my game a bit.

But there's no need to give up and fall into the mid-winter funk that seems to have a firm grasp on people these days. I can still get up and move, and that's the blessing in all this. Even if it is a blubberous blessing, I'll take it.

Today is extra cold outside, so I think it will be a cross-training day, which means back on the bike. Hopefully, the scale gremlins will slip in during the night and reset that sucker -- Elfkins be damned.

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