Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When Oprah calls, I'm answering

Jan. 23, 2013

Today I am 195.4 pounds of rolling thunder.

So Oprah called (well not really, but just suppose she did, it will make your run time go faster), and she invited me to come sit on the couch for a chat.

And while I'm not an Oprah-watching regular, I figure what the heck. She probably wants me to do a Lance Armstrong-style tell all about my use of performance enhancing tweets that I've secretly been using to further my career as a blogger, editor and online personality.

Little does she know that "will blog for food" comes closer to describing my social media career than I care to admit. But if Oprah wants me, it must be time to come clean about all my unsavory activities.

The new year isn't even a month old and already I've got grist for my somewhat twisted mill to grind. Is it just me, or are there two stories I care little about that just won't seem to go away. 

And there might be a third. I'm still trying to figure out if it's a success or failure that Michelle Obama can mix and match off-the-shelf J.Crew fashion with high-dollar custom designed clothes.

I'd think if you were the masterminds at J.Crew your cup would runneth over with good fortune these days. But wouldn't it sting just a little if you were the designer who got upstaged by off-the-shelf fashions? 

Anyway, on to more pressing matters, or at least the stories that won't go away, and you've got to ask yourself why.

The first is this whole Manti Te'ofake girlfriend thing. If this kid played football for say Slippery Rock State instead of Notre Dame, there's no way we would have ever heard anything about this. And even at Notre Dame, why do we keep hearing more and more about this hoax.

And shouldn't somebody be asking why a student-athlete with a Notre Dame education didn't have more common sense?

I guess those same people should also be asking why the networks are still so fascinated with the story.

 My second ho-hummer is Beyonce lip-syncing the "National Anthem." Who cares? If this were a great big ginormous Beyonce concert that people paid a lot to hear her sing, then yes, cry foul all you want. This was someone singing a difficult song under extreme conditions. Lots of folks prerecord the "National Anthem" for a variety of reasons.

Shouldn't we be more caught up in the history of the moment? Shouldn't there be more attention placed on the inauguration of Barack Obama for a second term?

Well thanks for inviting me, Oprah. I'm sure this will be a real ratings bonanza.

Be sure to wave at me as I go cruising by on my daily run -- who knows, I might be run-syncing the whole thing.

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