Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Labor Day weekend, time to get moving

Day 26 -- Sept. 2, 2012

Today I'm 192 pounds of rolling thunder.

Which being 192 pounds of rolling thunder isn't that great, but I'll take what I can get.

Yesterday's run was one of those sandwich jobs that life throws you way. I had to sandwich getting out on the road between work, family needs and dawdling.

In the end, it was only 30 minutes, but it was a solid 30 minutes of non-stop running. No walking. No pausing (except briefly for stop lights). And no whining.

Sometimes these shorter run days are OK though. They get your legs moving but help refresh them at the same time, so I feel better when I do go back to my normal hour or hour and a half runs.

They are also good for your mind. By taking loops you don't normally do, it helps cleanse your runner's palette. It's a break from the same hills and flats and stop lights

Like I said, it wasn't a great run, but you can't run in a hurricane's rain every day. But I got out and moved, and that in and of itself is a blessing.

So it's Labor Day weekend, and if the world's slowest human can get out on the streets, so can you. Whether it's walk or run, I'm giving everyone I see out on the streets this weekend a big wave. Please return the favor.

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