Monday, September 17, 2012

Call Me A Biorhythm Believer

Day 40, Sept. 17, 2012

Today I'm 192 pounds of rolling thunder.

Either that or my digital scale is stuck at 192, and I'm just a random amount of rolling whatever, but we'll go with thunder for argument's sake.

So today was a long run day, and the weather was cooperating when I hit the pavement for my 6.5-mile jaunt. 

The first hill is normally an indicator of how the day will go. It's about a half-mile from bottom to top, so if I start sucking wind in the first 100 yards, I pretty much know it's going to be one of those days.

You don't hear people talking as much about biorhythms as you did some years ago. The theory being that your body has physical highs and low on a relatively regular cycle.

I guess I fall into the camp of believers. There's just times when my lungs move easier and my heart keeps beat without as much stress.

And while this belief is purely anecdotal on my part, I'm going with it. I think there are times when we all perform better than others. But I'll admit to a certain amount of serendipity to my biorhythms. I definitely have never tried to chart my ups and downs.

Today was an up. I felt good from the moment I stepped out of the door and started off on a trot to the moment I got halfway up the first hill. But my breathing was easy, so I got my mind around the task at hand and made it the rest of the way up the hill.

I completed the long rise that came next without issue and started in on the next big hill. I made it to the top of hill No. 2, which is shorter, but steeper than the first. It's always an accomplishment for me to make it up this hill without walking, and it felt especially good today to cruise down the back side even picking up my pace as I continued down the hill.

Boy those biorhythms must have been peaking because I made a few stoplight stops but didn't really walk until I got halfway up my nemesis hill. But even that one only got the best of me a few times.

And the hill in the sixth mile took some of the snap out of my legs, but I managed to only walk for two short bursts. Then I charged down the final hill and called it a day.

Tomorrow is another day, so we'll see how that one treats me. But if you see the world's slowest human, remember to wave at me.

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