Friday, September 21, 2012

You've Got To Put Something Out There ...

Day 43, Sept. 21, 2012

Today, I'm 191.2 pounds of rolling thunder.

A not-so-famous philosopher once said, "You've got to put something out there, if you expect to get something back."

For the past 14-plus months, I've been a part-time runner, full-time contract writer/editor and an avid job seeker.

During that time, I've seen my weight go up and down. My endurance ebb and flow. And my focus to get healthier take three steps forward along with the occasional two steps back.

And during that time I've worked for a network of news websites under one ownership group. I've worked as an editor for three specific television station news websites and led all three to 30-day page view highs. I helped one site nearly double its monthly page views and assisted in their redesign and migration to a new content management system.

During that time, I've seen the ups and downs of most job seekers in today's economy. I've interviewed with small companies and mega-companies. I've been in talks with folks from the public and private sector. All told, I've interviewed with more than 20 companies, which I take as a good sign. 

The one thought I come away with is that any candidate that tells you the economy is recovering is not looking for a job. 

So I keep pushing, both out on the road and on the job seeking front. Each has its own rewards. I've met a lot of neat people while looking for jobs in industries I'd never really thought much about. And I've surprised myself with the improvements I've made in my running.

Besides, it was our younger son who offered that sage wisdom beyond his years when he said, "You've got to put something out there, if you expect to get something back."

Today, I'm going to put something out there when I go for my run and as I look for a full-time job. How else will I ever get something back?

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