Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cool Rain Means Autumn Is Near

Day 37 -- Sept. 13, 2012

Today, I am 190.6 pounds of rolling thunder.

And welcome back autumn.

While the calendar might say we're a week away, somebody forgot to tell the weather man, or Mother Nature, or both.

Just 24 hours ago my rolling mass of middle-aged thunder was running shirtless through the streets in 90-plus degree weather. Not so much today. 

I had to dig out my running tights (OK, I'm a bit of a wimp) and my jacket for today's run. The skies were gray all day and a cool wind whipped the leaves around the street. All morning the clouds threatened to bring rain, but nothing.

As I walked out the door, I saw a humming bird floating around in our front yard. I'm not sure if that's an omen, but between that and finding a dime yesterday out on my run, I figure there's got to be some good luck in there somewhere.

Today was one of those days when you dress for the first few steps out of the door of the house and find yourself sweating like a fiend by the 2-miles stop light. 

It was a good day to run, though. The rain held off and the air was clean with a bit of a snap to it. It was a sharp contrast to recent days when the air has been thick and ozone alerts prevailed.

I did my normal run/walk/run thing without much fanfare. Yesterday, just as I stopped my run the strap on my hand weights snapped. Two weeks old and snap. Guess there's a trip to the sporting goods store in my near future. Just hoping I don't need a receipt.

But I digress. Today was a good run, followed by 10 minutes on the bike to get things loosened up.

Finally, the rain came in the afternoon, and I was glad to be off the street. It started as a sprinkle I noticed on the skylight in the shower and by the time I ran an errand it was a steady rain on a cool day.

Autumn can't be far away now.

So give me a wave the next time you see the world's slowest man out on the streets.

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