Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Running For My Life - Aug. 8, 2012

Aug. 8, 2012
Today, I'm 194.6 pounds of rolling thunder. Yes, I've reached the .8-pound milestone so I'm thinking a reward trip to the ice cream store is in order.

I was all set to brag about my .8-pound moment when AOL shot me a message that Gwen Stefani was revealing her secret to a "rock hard beach body."

Well, given that I distract easily, and I, too, would like to have a rock hard beach body (I'd actually settle for a slightly-less melon like body that doesn't scare the kids on my block when I take off my shirt), I gave in to temptation and watched the video.

Here's a shocker, Gwen says, "Watch what you eat. Work out. And torture yourself."

Geez, I'm maybe one for three at best. I workout daily, although there are those who struggle see what I'm doing as working out as I pound the pavement on my daily run.

Hmmm. Watch what I eat? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a carboholic. I hear the first step is admitting it. Yesterday was a good day by my standards. Only things on the truly bad list were a handful of chips with a sandwich at lunch and a palm full of jelly beans for a late-night snack.

Torture yourself? Isn't working out torture enough? Isn't watching the rock hard beach bodies of the Olympics torture enough?

I got my run in on Tuesday. It was a short day. About 20 minutes warming up on the Spin bike and then an hour on the street of running and walking.

I normally head to the top of the big hill up the street to start my run. Knock wood I don't have knee issues, so down hill is an advantage (re: gravity sucks) when I start my slog job. I have two usual loops. One is about 5 miles and the other roughly 6. Each is up and down some small hills and inclines.

Tuesday I chose to work in some long, slow inclines on a basically flat run. It was nice to get off my usual tracks and try something new. The heat is still on but not the stifling 100-plus degree stuff we have had the past month or so.

I've been trying to add some boxing or weight work in to my plan, but like stretching, I'm not very dedicated to this yet. Perhaps Gwen has some ideas.

Remember, if you see the world's slowest man out jogging, just wave and leave a wide path.

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