Thursday, August 23, 2012

How was that run? Meh!

Day 16 -- Aug. 23, 2012

Today I'm 193 pounds of rolling thunder.

Meh! is a word I hear a lot around the house these days.

How was school? Meh!

How was cross country practice? Meh!

Did you know your head is on fire? Meh!

There's a lot of meh in the average teenager's vocabulary.

So how was my run yesterday? Meh.
It started out great. It was a long day, so I did about 20 minutes on the Spin bike to loosen up and a few weights to bulk up (laugh track here). Then it was time to hit the streets.

I cleared the first hill with few worries. I huffed and puffed and finally the hill succumbed to my new-found running prowess. (Laugh track again).

So I stumbled to the corner on the flat and headed down the half-mile downhill where the next hill awaited. By this point in the day, the temps were in the mid-90s, but there was a breeze and I was mainly in the shade.

The second hill is a sharp upgrade. Not particularly long, but fairly steep. Again, running prowess saved the day and I cleared the hump gasping but without walking.

The next half mile I rolled down the hill and up the next roller and around the corner. I could feel the heat starting to take its toll. That and two days of hard workouts the days before had left me without much spring left in my step.

I made a brief walk to get to the stop light, and another stop to dip my running cap in a city fountain to cool down.

I struggled up the next big hill. There were starts and stop like I hadn't had in a week or so.

Finally rational mind won out over vanity, and I gave in to the walk. The combination of tired legs and hot weather were the winners.

So how was that big run yesterday? Meh!

And if you see the world's slowest human out pounding the pavement today, give me a wave and a meh.

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