Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Of Mitt Romney and hill climbs

Day 8 -- Aug. 14, 2012

Today I am 193.2 pounds of rolling thunder.

Yesterday's run was like the thunder. I covered 6.5 miles with only a stop to tie my shoe and two stop lights. I haven't run that far non-stop in forever.

This was the third or fourth day in a row for quality runs that included some previously unbeatable hills and fewer walking breaks.

So what's my secret?

I'm sure it has everything to do with vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan's love of the P90X workout. What else could it be?

My ascent to running greatness -- or moderate mediocre-ness -- just happens to coincide with presidential candidate Mitt Romney's announcement of a running mate on Saturday. This line of logic makes about as much sense as most of the reasoning used to solve crimes in your average episode of CSI: Whatever.

Maybe there is something to this Ryan mojo. Maybe, Wisconsin is the land where a secret government project is building a super race of ΓΌber conservatives that will one day rule the world with bulging biceps and Tea Party verve.

Or maybe it has something to do with the temperatures dipping 20 degrees. The humidity dropping off remarkably. And the fact that I'm concentrating a little more on stretching out this old frame of mine.

Either way, I'll take it. It's been forever since my daily routine wasn't walk, jog, walk, jog ....

Rolling down that last half-mile hill to the finish with energy in the tank and wind in my lungs was a great feeling. 

Now if somebody could cut me a deal on a P90X ... hmmmmm. 

If you see the world's slowest human out there running today, give me a wave. And be safe.

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